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Nick Heyward and Thomas Walsh: Haircut 100, Pugwash and XTC

Nick Heyward (Haircut 100) and Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) talk about meeting XTC, the collaborations that nearly happened and those that might happen yet...

Terry Chambers and Steve Tilling: From XTC to EXTC

XTC's original drummer Terry Chambers joins bandmate Steve Tilling to talk about keeping the flame alive with EXTC

Steven Wilson remixing XTC

Audio-guru Steven Wilson talks to The XTC Podcast about his stereo mixes and 5.1 surround versions of XTC classics

XTC's Andy Partridge – My Failed Songwriting Career

XTC's Andy Partridge talks about writing to order, the collaborations that work and the perils of being a songwriter for hire.

Colin Moulding: The Hardest Battle

To mark the release of The Hardest Battle, the mighty Colin Moulding of XTC talks about being true to himself, avoiding cliches and fighting off being beige.

Oranges and Ladybirds – part two

A deep dive into XTC's lyrical references, including the flora and fauna of River of Orchids, the one-way traffic of English Roundabout and the coastal retreat of Bungalow.

XTC: This Is Power Pop? with Brian Vander Ark and Paul Myers

Brian Vander Ark of the Verve Pipe and editor Paul Myers talk about harmony, songwriting and XTC

Oranges and Ladybirds – part one

The influence of British nursery rhymes on XTC songs ranging from Ladybird to We're All Light, Ballet for a Rainy Day and Brainiac's Daughter

Church of Women

XTC fans discuss Ladybird, Church of Women, Take This Town, The Last Balloon, The Mayor of Simpleton – and The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

The authors: Twomey, Bernhardt and Fisher

A lively conversation about putting XTC in print with authors Chris Twomey, Todd Bernhardt and Mark Fisher.

Making Plans for Nigel: What Happened Next

Tom Clarke of The Enemy explains why he has brought the XTC character into the 21st century on The Chronicles of Nigel. He's joined by Laurie Nankivell who talks about the influence of XTC on Squid, whose song Houseplants namechecks Making Plans for Nigel.

A Merry XTCmas: part two

In the second Christmas episode, Andy Partridge and Chris Butler take us through some of their favourite seasonal songs

A Merry XTCmas: part one

The first of two Christmas episodes features Andy Partridge, Chris Butler and Martin Newell, choosing their favourite festive songs

X-sTatiC: the XTC cover band story

For the first time in over ten years, Dan Barrow, Ed Percival, Adrian Ogden and Mick Casey come together to talk about playing in XTC cover band X-sTatiC, remembering the songs that challenged them and the ones that raised the roof.

Young generation takeover

What does XTC mean to a young generation of music lovers? From England, Scotland, Wales and the US, fans in their 20s come together to talk about music, art, creativity and the biggest question of all: how to pronounce the word Nihilon.

What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast Trailer

What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast brings together fans and musicians alike to celebrate the enduring music of XTC. Every month, we take a fresh look at the band, from the singles to the albums, from the visuals to the personalities. It is witty, surprising and fun.

Why comedians love XTC

In this special bonus episode, recorded live as part of the online XTC Convention on 19 September 2020, author Mark Fisher talks to leading stand-up comedians about their love of XTC. He also gets them to join in some games and make up some nonsense – or do they?

Black Sea at 40 with Hugh Padgham and Dave Gregory

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of XTC's Black Sea, sound engineer Hugh Padgham joins guitarist Dave Gregory for a 90-minute special. They talk about the clanking anvils of Towers of London, the one-note solo of Love at First Sight and the slow-build tension of No Language in Our Lungs.

Andrew Swainson: Designs on XTC

Illustrator and graphic designer Andrew Swainson has been collaborating with Andy Partridge for over 20 years. As well as working on XTC and Dukes of Stratosphear re-releases, he helped create the distinctive look of Gonwards, Fuzzy Warbles and many more. He talks about variety, inspiration and Skylarking.

Dave Gregory: Tunes of Good

Guitarist and keyboard player Dave Gregory talks about his contribution to the sound of XTC

XTC vs Adam Ant (feat Andy Partridge)

Jordan Cooper of Don't Let's Start: A Podcast About They Might Be Giants (https://anchor.fm/dontletsstart) joins Mark Fisher, Mark Reed and David White to talk about the connections between XTC, TMBG and Adam and the Ants. In a freewheeling conversation, they explore the head versus the heart, intellect versus instinct, and content versus form. Along the way, Andy Partridge drops by to share his opinions about Adam and the Ants and They Might Be Giants and remembers how XTC caught the eye of John Peel.

Andy Partridge Everything'll Be Alright

To cheer us up during the Covid-19 lockdown, Andy Partridge pays a call to What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast with the promise that Everything'll Be Alright. He talks with characteristic wit and candour about the power of XTC as a live band, the chords for Roads Girdle the Globe and how Yacht Dance was nearly a song about bees. Essential listening for every XTC fan, this episode will leave you Burning With Optimism's Flames. Please support at https://www.patreon.com/markfisher

Breathing the Same Air with Andrew M Stafford

Andrew M Stafford recalls his time with XTC during the making of The Big Express. Belinda Blanchard previews her performance at the XTC Convention 2020. Mark Fisher, Mark Reed and David White join in the chat – and Andy Partridge supplies the jingles. Support the podcast at https://www.patreon.com/markfisher

Garden of Earthly Delights (feat Colin Moulding)

A discussion of the XTC tribute album Garden of Earthly Delights, featuring XTC's Colin Moulding, as well as Mark Fisher, David White and Mark Reed

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