XTC's White Music: 45 years on (part one)

Memories of XTC on the release of White Music in 1978 by Sounds writers Tony Mitchell and Beverley Glick (aka Betty Page), photographer Jill Furmanovsky and Swindon fans Paul Burgess and Andy Poulton.
On 20 January 1978, XTC released their debut album with its defiant cry of This Is Pop! In the first of a two-part conversation for What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast, five fans, journalists and photographers recall what it was like to witness XTC explode onto the scene with White Music.
Tony Mitchell, editorial staffer on Sounds, followed XTC to Hamburg, Amsterdam and Japan. Photographer Jill Furmanovsky was on the same trip to Hamburg in 1978 and subsequent publicity sessions. Beverley Glick, who wrote for Sounds under the name of Betty Page, joined XTC in New York in 1980. Paul Burgess and Andy Poulton were at school at Headlands in Swindon, where the caretaker was Colin Moulding's dad.
Music by Jon Bicknell.
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Jon Bicknell
Paul Burgess
Jill Furmanovsky
Beverley Glick
Tony Mitchell
Andy Poulton
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Mark Fisher
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