A Merry XTCmas: part one

The first of two Christmas episodes features Andy Partridge, Chris Butler and Martin Newell, choosing their favourite festive songs
Prepare for a feast of seasonal excess with the first of two festive episodes of What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast. 
First up is Martin Newell talking about Christmas in Suburbia and his fantastic Flowers in December EP. 
Then comes Chris Butler of the Waitresses talking about Christmas Wrapping to Andy Partridge who names the XTC song it influenced.
This episode also features a Christmas song from Robert Lawlor and a visit from Rainer Fielder and his children Arthur and Esther. Questions from Mark Fisher, Mark Reed and David White.
Listen along to the accompanying Spotify playlist: A Merry XTCmas
Catch up with Chris Butler
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Mark Fisher
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